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About Me

Having someone on your side to listen and help you navigate your way through the process can be invaluable. I work with my clients to give you clarity, objectivity and support, and to help you make the changes necessary to keep you moving forwards toward the professional future you want.

I have more than 16 years’ experience as a partner in leading management consultancies, combined with coaching skills and proven techniques to help you get from here to where you want to be. Whilst your goals will be personal and unique to you, my approach offers you a rigorous process to support and guide your thinking and unlock your full potential.

Coaching is an exciting and ultimately rewarding process, with your ongoing and future success at its heart. For me, coaching is about outcomes.

At some point in their professional life most people will feel stuck or that, somehow, they are not achieving their full potential. Whether you are at the beginning of your career, returning to work, changing direction or looking for new challenges, identifying and achieving your goals can be tough work to do on your own.

The simple reality is – we don’t know what we don’t know. I work to help you identify what is holding you back in order to start working together to find appropriate solutions. Partnering with you as an ally, I use the expertise gained throughout my career to listen and question, offering you tools, insights and suggestions to help you make those all-important connections that will bring sudden clarity – lightbulb moments to keep you motivated and focussed on positive action.

How I Can Help

Here are some of the professional goals I help my clients achieve for more personal, professional and financial reward.


What My Clients Say

Executive Director - Tier One Investment Bank

"James brought decades of experience and understanding of my industry. He helped me with practical approaches to solve the issues I was dealing with. His approach is simple, practical and effective. He connects with situations and shares real life examples from his experience, which are very relatable. I am lucky to have James in my life. I would highly recommend that any executives out there have a session with James - you will find a friend, a coach and a mentor in one single person."

CEO - Intelligent Automation Consultancy

"I like to describe James in three words: Positive. Powerful. Partner.
Positive: he is always encouraging and sees the positive in people and events, finding a way forward no matter the situation. Powerful: He asks simple questions that make you think. And act. Partner. James is more than a coach, using his experience and insights to help me grow my business and get to an even better place. "

CEO and Founder, Swiss Consulting Company

"I have been coached by James since I formed my own consulting business in 2019. His ability to ask the right questions helped unlock ideas buried deep in my brain, which I could then convert from concepts to business opportunities and to actual sales. James' bi-weekly coaching sessions also provided a welcome opportunity to pause, reflect and re calibrate activities and priorities. "

Head of Digital Marketing, Financials Services Company

"My sessions with James were crucial in reaching the next stage of my career. Together we clarified my career objectives, identified what the right role would look like, and designed a plan to achieve it. We covered everything, from refreshing my LinkedIn page and CV, to which courses and other learning materials could help update and improve my knowledge. Once the interviews came around, James' advice on how to best present my strengths was incredibly astute. I found myself confident and well-prepared, responding well to the demands of a rigorous and competitive selection process. I soon received an offer for a job that was the perfect next step."

Founder, Bouquet Making Workshops

"Through James' insightful questions and thought-provoking comments, the idea that had been running around my head for a couple of years has finally developed a life of its own. My business plan, to launch a bouquet-making workshop, isn't the sort of global business idea that James usually handles, but this was no barrier for him. He addressed my project with great respect and helped me surmount the initial obstacles through careful listening and a gentle manner which led me to find my own way forward. From the first steps through to realizing my first workshops James has been a great coach. "

Let's Talk

Whether you are feeling stuck, have a clear idea about where you want to go next, or are just unsure if coaching is for you, let’s talk